Car fleet

All of the nearly new vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning, are in an excellent technical condition and are duly insured, including the client seats, with the European legal insurance company D.A.S.
The vehicles are kept clean and are not plastered with adverts and similar materials, so that their prestigious appearance is maintained.

In addition, the vehicles are equipped with an updated plane arrivals application.

Our car fleet offers the following vehicles, including estate cars and in various numbers: Škoda Superb II  Elegance new model, Volkswagen Passat Highline, Audi A8, Mercedes E class, BMW 7, BMW 5, Mercedes Viano business class (minibus), Volkswagen Caravelle (minibus), Renault Trafic (minibus), Opel Vivaro (minibus).

Don’t forget, we save your time and money!